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Module 1

1differences between A and B AB的不同之处

2be similar toin sth ---------方面相似

3the attitude to/towards 对待….的态度

4a city not far from 一个离…..地方不远的城市

5write down 记下,写下

6on the computer 在电脑上

7on the screen 在屏幕上

8a woman called .一个叫---的妇女

9be nothing like 一点都不像

10speak a lot in class上课讲解很多

11have fun玩得开心

12I dont think I will be bored in Ms Shens class


13introduce oneself 自我介绍

14In groups 按组进行

15give sb instructions 给某人指示

16work by oneself 靠某人自己工作

17improve ones spelling 提高某人的拼写能力

18in a fun way 以一种愉快的方式

19in other words 换句话说

20a description of .的描述

21look forward to doing 盼望做-----

22be impressed with/by/ …的印象

make a good impression on sb给某人留下好印象

23A is the same size as B AB一样大

24the number of .的数量

25be fluent in Chinese 汉语流利

speak Chinese with fluency 汉语讲得流利

26make a lot of/much progress 取得很大进步

27The father is disappointed at his disappointing son.


28at the beginning of 在开头

29write to sb 写信给某人

30all over the world 全世界

31the smell of..的味道

32move to.搬迁到…..

33Would you mind answering my question/ if I asked you questions


34Here are my answers. 这就是我的答案

35so have I 我也有

36have the biggest smile 拥有最开心的笑容

37the American school systems 美国教育体系

38at the end of 在最后

39receive the high school diploma 获得高中文凭

40go to college 上大学

41divide.into../separate from 分开

42take part in 参加

43be free to do 自由做

44after-school activities 课余活动

Module 2

1make sure 确保……

2at any time 在任何时候

3ones first impressions of .的第一印象

4so.that 如此…以至于 so that 以至于….

5avoid doing. 避免做….

6make sb do 让某人做…

7dare to do 敢做某事….

8appreciate doing sth 欣赏做…

9I would appreciate it if 如果…..该多感激啊.

10do scientific experiment 做科学实验

11as a result( of ) 结果是

12this is because+原因… /that is why+结果…

13in fact 事实上

14fall asleep 入睡

15good-looking 长相好的

16wave ones hand 挥手

17get bored 厌倦的

18tell jokes 讲笑话

19prefer to do 更喜欢做…..

would rather do than do 宁愿做…而不愿做….

would rather do宁愿做….

20Its up to you 由你决定

21Thats settled 事情解决了

22a couple of 一对…..

23take a look at 看….

24be true of 真正是….

25be relaxed with ..相处放松

26have problems/difficulties/joy/fun with/in doing ..有问题/困难/很开心//

27pay for 支付

28revise for a maths test 为数学考试复习

29translate from A to B A翻译成B

30get to know 知道,获悉

31be ready to do 准备干..

32refuse to do 拒绝做..

33be willing to do 愿意做../

34avoid, admit, consider, enjoy, finish, keep, practise, mind, imagine, suggest……+doing sth

Module 3

1match A to (with) B AB配对

2travel on roads 在路上行驶

3in the air 在飞机上

4used to do 过去常常

5refer to refer to a dictionary refer to sb for information

6look up+内容 查阅…

7train sb to do sth 训练某人做…

8in the central part of ..的中部

9on the coast 在海岸线上--

10ones first ride to. 第一次骑车去…

11meals cooked by. 某人做的饭菜

12abandoned farms 遗弃的农场

13look out of the window 往窗外看

14at midnight 在午夜

15a way to do/of doing sth 做某事的方法

16be short for. …….的简称/缩写

be short of.缺少。。。

17supply sth to sb/ supply sb with sth 提供…给某人

18pass a law 通过一项法律

19allow sb to do sth/allow doing sth 允许某人做…

20forbid sb to do /forbid doing 禁止-----

21Would you mind if I saw your ticket? 你介意我看一下你的票吗

Would you mind showing me your ticket? 你介意展示一下你的票吗

22I am sorry ,but .我很抱歉,但…

23out of date 过时

24for the first time 第一次

25ones first visit to .第一次拜访----

26all the time 一直

27teach sb sth 教某人….

28so many. 如此多的….

29show sb how to do 展示给某人如何做….

30be sick病了--

31at a speed of ……..速度

32the opening ceremony 开业典礼

33sth happen to sb 某事发生在某人身上

34on oness journey 在某人的旅行中--/

35knowabout. .知道关于…

36set off from 从….出发

37on the third day 在第三天

38be fond of.. 喜欢

Module 4

1sixteen-year-old Zhang Hua 十六岁的张华

2in (on to) the south of ……..的南部

3in a suburb 在郊区

4about fifty miles away from …….大约15英里

5be made of (from, in, by, out of ,up of) ……制成

6on the coast 在海岸

by the seaside 在海边

7Im starving 我快饿死了

8buyfrom ……..……

9up to now/so far/till now 迄今为止

10exchange ideas 交换意见

11the beauty of nature 自然的美

12get away from 远离

13a great many things 很多事情

14such as 例如

15at weekends/on weekdays 在周末/在周日

16go up 上涨/

17cant afford to do. 不能承受

18make money 挣钱

19make friends(with sb) 与某人交朋友

20in the same neighborhood 在同一社区

21take part in 参加

22fill A with.B B填满A.

23in poor health 健康条件不好

24have very little contact with sb 很少与人联系

25The house is two storeys high. 这房子有两层楼高

26Its been six years since we last saw each other.(瞬间/延续动词)


27This is the first time I have visited your hometown.


28This is one of the most attractive places Ive been to.


29I feel very fortunate living here. 住在这里我觉得很幸运。

30Whats the climate like? 天气如何?

31The rent for an apartment there is very high. 这公寓的租金很高。

32They have put up a lot of high-rise buildings recently.


33Its a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture.


34remain to be done 还有很多事情要做

35The countryside would be a sadder and uglier place without them.


Module 5

1a report on; 关于…的报道

2as ... as; 与…一样

3mix A and/ with B together; AB混在一起

4mix A into B; A和入B

5a mixture of... 的混合物

6a quarter/a half 一半…

7three quarters 四分之三

two fifths 五分之二

point seven one 0.71

8the same as 和…一样

9two-thirds of the earths surface is covered with water.


1020% our class are from the city. 我们班上20%的同学来自城市

11put...in order 把…整理好

12draw/arrive at/reach/get to / come to a conclusion 得出结论

13it is hard to think of a world without metals. 世界上没有金属很难设想。

14electrical equipment 电器设备

15a set of /some equipment 一套/一些设备

16A be equipped with B B装备A

17react with ..发生反应

react to 对…做出反应

have a slow/fast reaction with 与…发生慢反应

18at the top/bottom(of) 在…顶部/底部

19find out 找出

20leave with the tube for a week 与试管一起放一周

21addto/add to 增加

22keepout of 使….不入内

23the closer you are, the more youll see 你离得越近,你看得越清楚

much/a lot/a great deal/ far /by far/a bit/ a little /still / even / yet +bigger更大

24no more than/ no morethan 仅仅/ 和….一样不(两者都不)

not more than/not morethan 不超过/不如…(前者不如后者)

25Youve got it 你已经弄明白了

26Its your turn to 该轮到你做…

27go ahead 干吧!用吧!

28used to do/be used to doing/be used to do

29in ones area of 在某人的…领域

30first-class scientists 一流的科学家

31in the last twenty years 在最后20

32be proud of/take in pride ..为骄傲

33be supposed to do 应该做….

Module 6

1on the Internet 在因特网上

2the biggest source of information 最大的信息来源

3be accessible through a computer 通过电脑可接入的

4consist of ..组成(无被动无进行)

be made up of

5millions of pages of data 成万上亿页的数据

three thousand books三千本书

two hundred of us我们中的200

6develop a way to do sth 开发一条做…的道路

7as well

8become known as/for/to 作为/因为而出名/..熟知

9via the Internet 通过因特网

10at the moment 此时此刻

11go down 下降

12come up with the idea 提出观点

13make it +adj for sb to do sb来说做….是….

14from that moment on 从那时起

15rise from A to B A上升到B

16thousands of millionaires 成千上万的百万富翁

17access the Internet 进入因特网

18work as 以…身份工作

19the percentage of……. ………的百分比

20concentrate on 集中精神在..

21as much time as I can 尽我所能

22agree with/to/on 同意

23last for+some time 持续…时间

24in ones opinion 依某人看来

25the importance of doing ..的重要性

26be expected to do 被希望/盼望做…,

27take full advantage of 充分利用

28have access to 有进入/接近..的机会

29wrapup 打包…

30dont hesitate to do sth 毫不犹豫做..

31talking on a mobile phone 通过手机讲话

32with the help of.. ..的帮助下

33point out ones mistakes 指出…的错误

34a series of 一系列的、、

35instead of/instead 代替..

36There are a number of reasons for this. 这个事情有很多原因

37It became possible for sb to do 对某人来说做…成为可能

38At the moment 此时此刻

39about 80% of web traffic is in English. 大约80%的网站错误都是用英语写的

40We need software to use a computer. 我们需要软件来驱动我们的电脑

41It would be much better if we spent the time working on a computer.



Module 1

1 be connected with=be related to sth. 和……有联系

2 take exercise=exercise 锻炼

3 be crazy about 迷恋 go crazy 变得疯狂

4 have a temperature/fever 发烧

5 lie down 躺下

6 begin with 以……开始

7 putinto 将……投入……

8 become/fall ill 生病

9 head towards/to/for 朝……前进

10 catch/get a cold 感冒

11 get flu 染上流感

12 have a sweet tooth 好吃甜食

13 get/be injured 受伤

14 return to normal 恢复正常

15 above normal 超过正常标准

16 below normal 低于正常标准

17 breathe deeply=take a deep breath 深呼吸

18 out of breath 上气不接下气

catch ones breath 踹口气

hold ones breath 屏住呼吸

19 keep fit/healthy 保持健康

20 keep us fit/healthy 保持我们的身体健康

21 be fit for 适合

22 be off work 不工作,休息

23 be out of work 失业

24 be at work 在上班

25 keepaway 使离开

26 at least 至少

27 at most 至多

28 be worried/anxious about 为……而担忧

29 be anxious for 渴望…

30 be anxious for sb to do 渴望sb

31 see sb doing 看到sb正在做

32 make sure 确保,确实

33 would rather do 宁愿做

would rather sb did sth. 宁愿某人做某事(过去时表示现在和将来的情况)

would rather sb had dong宁愿某人做某事(过去完成时表示过去情况)

34 go/be on a diet 节食

35 a bit of 一点儿,有点儿

36 miss school 缺课

37 pay for 支付

38 a free health care system 免费医疗体系

39 the problem with……… …的问题

40 have problems with 有…的问题

41 pick sb up (用车)接某人

42 be privately owned. 私人拥有

43 I rarely get toothache.

=Rarely do I get toothache. 我很少牙痛、

44. This is because 这是因为…

45. make a prediction 进行预测

46. contribute to 把…贡献于…

47. Take more exercise or you will become ill.


Take more exercise and you will become really fit. 多锻炼锻炼身体,你就会变得健康。

48. I’m captain of the class team at school. 我在学校是班级足球队的队长。

Module 2

1 be/become/get addicted to sth. 对某物上瘾

2 be in danger 处于危险之中

3 be out of danger 脱离危险

4 ban sb from doing sth. 禁止某人做某事

ban doing 禁止做某事

5 There is a ban on 有一个关于…禁令

6 affect=have an effect on 对……有影响

influence=have an influence on

7. No point (in) doing sth 做某事没有意义

8 Develop interests 培养兴趣

9.break into a house 破门进入一个房子

10.break into tears 大哭起来

11. be related to sb. 与某人有关系/关联

12.take/follow ones advice 听从某人建议

give sb some advice on sth. 就某事向某人建议

13.in order to(句首句中),so as to(句中) 为了,以便

14.give up 放弃

15.sharewith sb sb分享…

16.compare to 把…比做…

17.compare with 把…和…做比较

compared with/to 与…比

18.do/make a survery 做一个调查

19.make a list of 列一个名单

20.stop sb from doing 阻止sb做某事

keep sb from doing

prevent sb from doing

21. against the law 违法

break the law 违法

obey the law 守法

22. under medical treatment 在治疗中

23.continue to do=continue doing 继续做

24.offer sb sth=offer sth to sb sb提供sth

25.cause many deaths 导致许多人死亡

26.illnesses (which are)related to smoking和吸烟有关的疾病

27.die of hunger 死于饥饿

28.die from an accident 死于一起事故

29. This is my treat . 我请客

treat sb. to sth. 用某物款待某人

treat sb .as 把某人视为…

30.a heart attack 一次心脏病发作

31.ask sb for money sb要钱

32.be in pain 处于痛苦之中

33.take sth. to sw. 把某物带到某地

34.leave school 辍学,离开学校

35.mind doing 介意做

36.in public 当众地

37.the public 公众

38.set/fix a date 确定一个日期

39.increase to 增加到…

40.increase by 增加了

41.by this time 到这时为止

42.during the 1990s 二十世纪九十年代

in the 1990’s / 1990s

43. inject into 注入

44.reduce to 减少到

reduce by 减少了

45.I couldnt agree more 我再同意不过了

46. Thats a good point. 有道理

To the point 切题

47. participate in 参与

48. distract from 分心

Module 3

1. sb. is impressed with sth. 某人对某事印象深刻

= umpress sb. with sth.

sth. make a good impression on sb. 某事给某人留下好印象

2. split up 分裂,分割,离异/

3. make/take a note of 记录,做笔记

take note of = take notice of 注意到

4. compare notes with sb. 与某人交换意见 与某人互道感想

5. change into 把……变成……

6. music instruments 乐器

7. of all time 有史以来

8. something wonderful 很精彩的某种东西

9. the rest of his life 他的余生

10. go deaf 变聋

11. No way! 没门,不可能

12. at an early age 在很小的时候

13. a leading/top composer一个优秀的/首席作曲家

14. receive many prizes 获得了许多奖

15. play the violin/piano 演奏小提琴//钢琴

16. have talent for 具有……的天赋

17. show talent for 表现出对……的天赋

a talented musician 一个有天赋的音乐家

18. lose interest in 失去对……的兴趣

get lost = lose ones way 迷路

be lost in thought 限于沉思之中

lose heart 丧失信心

lose weight 减肥

19. mix with 把……和……混合

20. have a deep influence/effect on… 对……有深远的影响

21. encourage sb to do 鼓励某人做……

22. as well as ①和;;以及② 之外=besides in addition to

23. As time goes by/on 随着时间的流逝

24 be composed of 由… 组成

25. if so 如果这样的话

if not 如果不是这样

if any 如果有

if necessary 如果有必要

if possible 如果有可能

26. 强调句型

It is/was + 主语/宾语/状语 + that (who) + 句子其余部分

I saw Li Ming on the playground yesterday.

对“… not until…”强调,用

It is/was not until … that …

He didn’t start his homework until his mother came back.

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